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AT-XP Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive for Cracked and Uncracked Concrete
The latest innovation from Simpson Strong-Tie, AT-XP anchoring adhesive has been formulated for high-strength anchorage of threaded rod and rebar into concrete under a wide range of conditions. AT-XP adhesive dispenses easily in cold or warm environments with little to no odor, and when mixed properly is a teal color for easy post-installation identification.
Code-listed per IAPMO UES ER-263 in accordance with ICC-ES AC308 and IBC 2009 requirements for cracked and uncracked concrete in static or seismic conditions, AT-XP anchoring adhesive has demonstrated superior performance in reduced-temperature testing (14°F (-10°C)), has NSF/ Standard 61 certification (43.2 in2/1000 gal), and is made in the USA.
AT-XP adhesive has passed the demanding adverse condition tests of ICC-ES AC308 pertaining to reduced temperature, elevated temperature and long-term creep
Code-listed per IAPMO UES ER-263
Can be used under static and seismic loading conditions in both cracked and uncracked concrete
Low-odor formula dispenses easily at below-freezing temperatures without the need to warm cartridge
Cures in substrate temperatures as low as 14°F in 24 hours or less
Easiest hole-cleaning method – no power brushing needed
When properly mixed, adhesive will be a teal color for easy identification
Available in 9.4 oz., 12.5 oz. and 30 oz. cartridges for jobsite versatility
Threaded rod anchoring into concrete
Rebar doweling into concrete
Suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications