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A Angle

ABS Anchor Bolt Stabilizer

ADT Adhesive Dispensing Tools

AT-XP Anchoring Adhesive

A34/A35 Anchor

ABU Post Base

AM AnchorMate Bolt Holder

ABA Post Base

ABW Post Base

Anchoring & Fastening Systems for Concrete & Masonry

ABL Anchor Bolt Locator

AC Post Cap//ACE Post Cap

AT Anchoring Adhesive


B Hanger

BC Cap/Base

BT Brick Tie

BA Hanger

BP Bearing Plate - Ornamental

Bugle-Head Wood Decking Screw


CB Column Base

CBSQ Column Base

CCT Column Caps

CJT Concealed Joist Tie

CPTZ Concealed Post Tie

CB3BLG Quik DriveCollated Screw

CC Column Cap

CDT10S Adhesive Dispensing Tool

CNW Coupler Nut

Crack-Pac Flex-H2O Crack Sealer// Kit

CBPC Column Base

CCC Column Caps

Cedar & Redwood Decking Nail

Composi-Lok Screw

Crack-Pac Injection Epoxy// Kit

CBSDQ Quik Drive Collated Screw

CCQ Column Cap

CIP Paste-Over

CPS Composite Post Bases

CTS218 Compression and Tension Strap


Dexxter Composite Decking Screw

DSC Drag Strut: Lef Hand
DSC Drag Strut: Right Hand

DTT2 Deck Tension Tie

DWF Quik Drive Collated Screw

DHPD Quik Drive Collated Screw

DSP Double Stud Plate

DU/DHU/DHUTF Drywall Hanger

DWFSD Quik Drive Collated Screw

DJTZ Deck Tie

DTC Roof Truss Clip

DWC Quik Drive Collated Screw

DWHL Quik Drive Collated Screw

DPPC4BK Decorative Plastic Post Cap

DTHQ Quik Drive Collated Screw

DWCG Quik Drive Collated Screw

DWP Wood SS Screw


Easy-Set Pin Drive Expansion Anchor

EDTA Pneumatic Dispensing Tools

EPC Post Cap

ETI Injection Epoxy

E-Z Spike (FPBS44)

ECC Column Cap

EPB Post Base

EPCZ Post Caps

ETR Epoxy Paste-Over

ECCQ Column Cap

EPB44PHDG Post Base

EPS4Z Embedded Post Strap Zmax

E-Z Base (FPBB44)

EDOT Epoxy-Tie Adhesive

EPB44T Post Base

ET-HP (formely ET) Adhesive

E-Z Mender (FPBM44)


F Hanger

FC Framing Clips

Fiber-Cement Siding Nail

FPBS44 (E-Z Spike)

FWAZ/FWANZ Foundation Wall Angles

FAP Foundation Plate

Fencing Nail

Finishing Nail

FSA Anchor

"FX" Products - Repair, Protection &
Strengthening Systems for Concrete and Masonry

FB Fence Bracket


FPBB44 (E-Z Base)

FSC Strap

FBR Fence Bracket

FHSD Quik Drive

FPBM44 (E-Z Mender)

FTA Floor Tie Anchor


GA Angle

GLTV Hanger

Gazebo Connectors

GH Hanger


H Hurricane Tie

HFN Hanger

HHRC Hip Ridge Connector

HTC Heavy Truss Clip

HUC Hanger

HCP Hip Corner Plate

HG Quik Drive Collated Screw

HHSUQ Heavy Severe-Skew Truss Hanger

HTS Heavy Twist Strap

HUCQ Hanger

HD Holdown

HGLTV Hanger

HL Heavy Angle

HTSM Twist Strap

HUCQ Hanger Glulam

HDA Holdown (discontinued)

HGUQ Girder Truss Hanger

HPA Purlin Anchor

HTSQ Twist Strap

HUS Hanger

HDB Holdown

HGUS Hanger Glulam

HRC Hip Ridge Connector

HTT Tension Tie

HUSC Concealed Hanger

HDC Concentric Holdown

HGUS Hanger Plated Truss

HSS Stud Shoe

HTU Heavy Truss Hanger

HW Hanger

HDQ Holdown

HHB Hanger

HSTPC Strap Tie

HU Hanger

HDU Holdown

HHDQ Heavy Duty Holdown


HU Hanger Glulam


ICFVL Ledger System

IUS Hanger

ITS Hanger


JB Hanger

J/JP Jack Pier


KBS1Z Knee-Brace Stabilizer


L Angle

LPCZ Post Cap

LSTHD Holdown

LTS Twist Strap

LB Hanger

LRU Rafter Hanger

LSU Hanger

LTT/LTTI Tension Tie

LCB Light Column Bases

LS Angle

LTB Bridging

LU Hanger

LCE Post Cap

LSCZ Adjustable Stair-Stringer Connector

LTHJA Hanger Plated Truss

LUCZ Hanger

LEGPC Beam Hanger

LSSU Hanger

LTHMA Hanger Plated Truss

LUS Hanger

LGT Girder Tiedown

LSTA Strap Tie

LTP Framing Anchor


MASA/MASAP Mudsill Anchor

MP Mending Plate

MSTC Strap Tie

MTS Medium Twist Strap

MBHA Masonry Hanger

MST Strap Tie

MSTI Strap Tie

MUS Double Shear Joist Hanger

MEGPC Beam Hanger

MSTA Strap Tie

MTH Quik Drive Collated Screw

MIT Hanger

MSTC Strap Tie

MTHMQ Hanger



NCA Nailless Bridging

Nail w/EPDM Washer

NS Nail Stopper


OCB Column Base

OHL Strap Tie

OHU Specialty Joist Hanger

OS Strap Tie

OCC Column Cap

OHS Strap Tie

OL Strap Tie

OT Strap Tie

OHA Heavy Angle

OHT Strap Tie

Opti-Mix Mixing Nozzle Anchor Systems

OU Joist Hanger


PA Purlin Anchor

PBS Post Base

PBS Post Base

PDP Fasteners for Powder-Actuated Tools

PGT Pipe-Grip Tie

PAB Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt

PBV Post Base

PDPT Fasteners for Powder-Actuated Tools

PHSD Quik Drive Collated Screw

PSCL Sheathing Clip

PAI Purlin Anchor

PC Post Cap

PDPWL Fasteners for Powder-ActuatedTools

Post and Beam Nail

PS Strap

Painted Siding Nail

PCT Purlin Cross Tie

PF Post Frame Hanger

PPSD Screw

PT-22 Powder-Actuated Tool

PB Post Base

PCZ Post Caps

PFB Post Frame Hanger

Preservative-Treated Wood Decking Nail

PT-27 Powder-Actuated Tool

Pyramid-Head Nail


QDPRO200G2 Attachment


QDPROHX516G2 Attachment

QDPRO200G2 System

QDPRORFG2 Attachment

QDPROPHG2 Attachment


QDHSD60 Attachment


QDPRO250G2 Attachment

QDHSD60 System

QDPROSDD Combo System

QDPRO250G2 System

QDHSD75 Attachment

Quik Drive

QDPRO300SG2 Attachment

QDHSD75 System

QDBSD200G2DATK Structural Steel-Decking System

QDPRO300S System

QDPROHX14 System

QDPROLDHG2 Attachment


RBC Roof Boundary Clip

Roofing Nail

RUZ Retrofit U Hanger for Panelized Roof Construction

RC Ripper Clip

RPS Strap

RFB Retrofit Bolt

RTC2 Rigid Tie Connector


SA Strap

Screws - Strong-Drive SD for Structural Connectors

SDWS Structural Wood Screw // SDWH Structural Wood Screw

SS Stud Shoe

STC Roof Truss Clip

SB Anchor Bolts

Screws - Titen Masonry Screw

SET High-Strength Epoxy

SS3DSC Quik Drive Collated Screw

STHD Holdown

Screw-Driving Systems

SD8 Wafer Head Screw

SET-XP Epoxy-Tie Adhesive

SSDTH Quik Drive Collated Screw

StrapMate Strap Holder


SDS Strong-Drive Screw

Shake and Shingle Siding/Roofing Nail

SSP Single Stud Plate

Strong-Bolt 2 Wedge Anchor

Screws - Quik Drive Collated Screws

SDW Strong-Drive Structural Wood Screw

SM1 Strap Holder

SSTB Anchor Bolts

Strong-Drive SD Screw

Screws - SD8 Wafer Head

SDWC Structural Wood Screw

SP Stud Plate Tie

SSWSCB Quik Drive Collated Screw

Strong-Drive SDS & SD8x1.25 Screws

Screws - SDS Strong-Drive Screw

SDWF Structural Wood Screw

SPH Stud Plate Tie

ST Strap Tie

SUR/SUL Hanger


TAZ Staircase Angle

THA Hanger


Titen Concrete & Masonry Screw

Trim Head Screw:Type-17 Point |Sharp Point

TB Quik Drive Collated Screw

THAC hanger

THGQ Truss Girder Hanger

Titen HD Anchor

TS Twist Strap

TB Tension Bridging

THAR/L Truss Hanger

THJM Multiple Truss Hip Jack Hanger

Titen HD Mini

TSBR Truss Spacer-Restraint

TBG Quik Drive Collated Screw

THASR/L Truss Hanger

THJU Hanger

Titen HD Rod Coupler

TSP Stud Plate Tie

TC Truss Connectors

THD - Titen HD Anchor

Tile/Slating Nail

TP/TPA Tie Plate


U Hanger

UFP Universal Foundation Plate


VB Knee Braces

VPA Connector


W Hanger

WSC Quik Drive Collated Screw

WSCTC Quik Drive Collated Screw

Washered Roofing Nail

WSCD Quik Drive Collated Screw

WSFLRV Quik Drive Collated Screw

Wedge-All Wedge Anchor

WSCG Quik Drive Collated Screw

WSNTL Quik Drive Collated Screw

WNP Hanger

WSCLT Quik Drive Collated Screw

WSNTLG Quik Drive Collated Screw

Wood Siding Nail

WSCT Quik Drive Collated Screw

WT Wedge Form Tie


Self-Drilling X-Metal Screws

XL Large-Head Metal Screw

XE Exterior Structural Metal Screw

XS Quik Drive Collated Screw


Z Clip

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