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Simpson Strong-Tie APA6 Outdoor Accents Ornamental Angle 6X Powder Coat, Black Over ZMAX

Simpson Strong-Tie APA6 Outdoor Accents Ornamental Angle 4X Powder Coat, Black Over ZMAX is an Authorized
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Our Price: $6.85

Washers STN22 Hex Head

Screws SDWS22312DBBRC12 3-1/2 in.

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6X Lumber Connectors - Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents

6X Post Bases & Straps Dimensions Fasteners
Model No. Product Description Ga. L W H Column
APB66 6x6 Post base
for nominal lumber
12 5 5-1/2 7-1/2 4 (1) 5/8" Simpson Strong-Tie APB66
APB66R 6x6 Post base
for rough-sawn lumber
12 5 6 7 1/4 4 (1) 5/8" Simpson Strong-Tie APB66
APL6 6x L-strap 12 5 11 1/4 11 1/4 4 6
APT6 6x T-strap 12 5 17 1/2 11 1/4 4 8

Structural Wood Screws for 6X Lumber
Model No. Name Screw
Length (in.)
Length (in.)
(Pack of 12)
Structural Screws 3-1/2"
6-Lobe Washer Head
Powder Coated Black
3 1/2 2
(Pack of 12)
Structural Screws 5-1/2"
6-Lobe Washer Head
Powder Coated Black
5 1/2 2 3/4

Washers for 6X LumberOutdoor Accents
Model No. Name Hex-Head Dia. (in.) Hex-Head Washer Dia. (in.)
Hex-Head Washers
1 1-1/2

OUTDOOR ACCENTS MISSION COLLECTION 1616HL 1616HLHDG 1616HLPC 1616HT 1616HTPC 66L 66T A66 A66 ABA46R ABA46Z ABA66RZ ABA66Z ABU46RZ ABU46SS ABU46Z ABU46Z ABU5-6 ABU5-6Z ABU66RZ ABU66SS ABU66Z ABW46RZ ABW46RZ ABW46Z ABW46Z ABW66RZ ABW66RZ ABW66Z AC6 AC6RZ AC6SS AC6Z APA6 APB66 APB66DSP APB66R APDJT1.75-6 APDJT2-6 APDJT2R-6 APDJTR-6 APDMW56 APGP612 APHH46 APHH46R APHH610 APHH610R APL6 APLH1.75-6 APLH26 APLH26R APST612 APT6 APVA6 APVB66 APVB66DSP APVB66R APVDJT1.75-6 APVDJT2-6 APVDJT2R-6 APVDW56 APVGP612 APVL6 APVST610 APVT6 BA2.56/11.88 BA2.56/14 BA2.56/16 BA3.56/11.88 BA3.56/14 BA3.56/16 BA3.56/9.5 BC46 BC460 BC46R BC46Z BC6 BC60 BC60R BC60Z BC6R BC6SS BC6Z BCS2-3/6Z CB46 CB46HDG CB46PC CB46SS CB46W CB5-6 CB610 CB612 CB64 CB64HDG CB66 CB66HDG CB66PC CB66R CB66RHDG CB66SS CB66W CB6-7 CB68 CB68HDG CB68PC CB7 1/8-6 CB7-6 CB86 CB9-6 CBSQ46 CBSQ46-SDS2 CBSQ46-SDS2.5 CBSQ46-SDS2HDG CBSQ66 CBSQ66-SDS2 CBSQ66-SDS2HDG CBSQ66SS CBSQ86 CBSQ86-SDS2 CBSQ86-SDS2HDG CC3 1/4-6 CC4.62-4.62 CC46 CC5.25X6 CC64 CC66 CC66HDG CC66PC CC68 CC68PC CC7 1/8-6 CC76 CC86 CC96 CCCQ64SDS CCCQ66SDS CCCQ68SDS CCCQ7.1-6SDS CCCQ76SDS CCCQ86SDS CCO4/6 CCO6 CCOS3.62 CCQ106SDS2.5 CCQ106SDS2.5ROT CCQ3-6SDS2.5 CCQ3-6SDS2.5HDG CCQ4.62-4.62HDG CCQ4.62-4.62SDS CCQ4.62-5.5 CCQ4.62-5.50HDG CCQ4.62-5.50SDS CCQ46-SDS2.5HDG CCQ46SDS2.5-R CCQ46SS-SDS2.5 CCQ5-6SDS2.5 CCQ5-6SDS2.5HDG CCQ5-6SDS2.5ROT CCQ5-6SDSROTHDG CCQ5-6SS-SDS2.5 CCQ64SDS2.5 CCQ66SDS2.5 CCQ68SDS2.5 CCQ76SDS2.5 CCQ96SDS2.5 CCT3 1/4-6 CCT46 CCT5 1/4-6 CCT64 CCT66 CCT66HDG CCT66PC CCT68 CCT76 CCT86 CJT6L CJT6S CJT6ZL CJT6ZS CPS46 CPS6 CPT66Z ECBQ66-SDS ECC106 ECC3 1/4-6 ECC3 1/4-6 ECC3 1/4-6 3-1/8 ECC3 1/4-6HDG ECC3 1/4-6HDG ECC46 ECC46 ECC46HDG ECC46PC ECC5 1/4-6 ECC5 1/4-6HDG ECC5 1/4-6HDG ECC5 1/4-6PC ECC5 1/4-6PC ECC5 1/4-6ROT ECC5-1/4-6 ECC64 ECC64 ECC64HDG ECC64HDG ECC66 ECC66 ECC66HDG ECC66PC ECC66ROT ECC6-7 1/8 ECC68 ECC68 ECC68PC ECC7 1/8-6 ECC7 1/8-6 ECC76 ECC76 ECC76PC ECC76ROT ECC86 ECC86 ECC86ROT ECC96 ECC96 ECC96ROT ECCL64 ECCL66 ECCL68 ECCLL464 ECCLL666 ECCLL666 ECCLL666HDG ECCLL666HDG ECCLLQ464HDG ECCLLQ464SDS ECCLLQ666SDS ECCLLQ666SDSHDG ECCLLQMD3.62-KT ECCLQ64SDS ECCLQ66SDS ECCLQ68SDS ECCLR464 ECCLR666 ECCLR666HDG ECCLR666HDG ECCLRQ464HDG ECCLRQ464SDS ECCLRQ666SDS ECCLRQ666SDSHDG ECCO4/6 ECCO6 ECCO6 ECCO68 ECCO6HDG ECCOQ6-SDS2.5 ECCQ106SDS2.5 ECCQ3-6SDS2.5 ECCQ5-6SDS2.5 ECCQ64SDS2.5 ECCQ64SDS2.5 ECCQ64SDS2.5ROT ECCQ64SS-SDS2.5 ECCQ66SDS2.5 ECCQ66SDS2.5 ECCQ66-SDS2.5 ECCQ66-SDS2.5HDG ECCQ66SDS2.5-R ECCQ66SDS2.5ROT ECCQ66SS-SDS2.5 ECCQ6-7.13SDS2.5 ECCQ68SDS2.5 ECCQ68SDS2.5 ECCQ76SDS2.5 ECCQ96SDS2.5 EPB46 EPB46 EPB46-12 EPB66 EPB66-12 EPC6RZ EPC6Z ETB6 ETR16 GT6Z H16 H16-2S H6 HB2.56/22 HB2.56/28 HB3.56/11.25 HB3.56/11.88 HB3.56/12 HB3.56/14 HB3.56/16 HB3.56/18 HB3.56/20 HB3.56/22 HB3.56/24 HB3.56/26 HB3.56/28 HB3.56/30 HB3.56/9.25 HB3.56/9.5 HB4.75/16 HB5.12/16 HB5.50/16 HB5.50/16 HB7.12/16 HB7.12/26 HETA16 HETAL16 HGLTV2.75/16 HGLTV3.516 HGLTV3.56/11.25 HGLTV3.56/11.5 HGLTV3.56/18.75 HGLTV3.56/9.25 HGLTV3526-2 HGLTV416-2 HGLTV426-2 HGLTV5.516 HHB416 HHB610 HHB612 HHB614 HHB616 HHB618 HHB68 HHB816 HL46 HL46G HL46GPC HL46HDG HL46PC HL76 HL76G HL76GPC HL76HDG HL76PC HSUR26-2 HU216 HU216-2 HU216-2TF HU216-3 HU216-3TF HU216TF HU26 HU26-2 HU26-2TF HU26-3 HU26TF HU26X HU3.25/16 HU3.25/16.5TF HU316 HU316TF HU3516/22 HU3516-2 HU36 HU36-2 HU36R HU36TF HU416 HU416TF HU46 HU46R HU46TF HU46Z HU5.125/16 HU5.25/16.5TF HU5.31/16 HU610 HU610TF HU610Z HU612 HU612TF HU612Z HU614 HU614TF HU616 HU616TF HU66 HU66TF HU68 HU68TF HU68Z HU816 HUC2.75/16 HUC216-2 HUC216-2TF HUC216-2TF HUC216-3 HUC216-3TF HUC26-2 HUC26-2 HUC26-2TF HUC26-2Z HUC26-3 HUC3.25/16 HUC316 HUC316TF HUC3516/22 HUC3516-2 HUC36 HUC36TF HUC416 HUC416TF HUC46 HUC46 HUC46TF HUC46Z HUC5.125/16 HUC5.31/16 HUC610 HUC610 HUC610TF HUC610Z HUC612 HUC612 HUC612TF HUC612Z HUC614 HUC614TF HUC616 HUC616TF HUC66 HUC66TF HUC68 HUC68TF HUC68Z HUC816 HUCI416TF HUCQ610-SDS HUCQ610-SDS HUCQ610SS-SDS HUCQ610Z-SDSG HUCQ610Z-SDSG HUCQ612-SDS HUCQ612-SDS HUCQ612SS-SDS HUCQ612Z-SDSG IUS1.81/16 IUS2.06/11.88 IUS2.06/14 IUS2.06/16 IUS2.06/9.5 IUS2.37/16 IUS2.56/11.88 IUS2.56/14 IUS2.56/16 IUS2.56/9.5 IUS3.56/11.88 IUS3.56/14 IUS3.56/16 IUS3.56/9.5 LGUM26-2-SDS LGUM26-3-SDS LGUM26-4-SDS LGUM46-SDS LPC6Z LRU26Z LSSR2.56Z LU26 LU26R-18 LUC26SS LUC26Z LUS26 LUS26-2 LUS26-2SS LUS26-2Z LUS26-3 LUS26SS LUS26Z LUS36 LUS36SS LUS36Z LUS46 LUS46Z OCB46 OCB66 OCB68 OCC46 OCC66 OCC68 OCC68 OHA36 OHU46-SDS3 OHU610-SDS3 OHU612-SDS3 OHU614-SDS3 OHU66-SDS3 OHU68-SDS3 OU46 OU610 OU612 OU614 OU68 PB46 PB66 PB66R PB66Z PBS46 PBS66 PBV6 PBV6KT PBV6PC PPB66-6Z S/HDU6 SA36 SDWS27600SS SDWS27600SS-R30 SDWS27600SS-RC10 SDWS27600SS-RP1 SET56 SET-XP56 STB2-252146SS SUL2.06/11 SUL2.06/9 SUL2.56/11 SUL2.56/14 SUL2.56/9 SUL26 SUL26-2 SUL26SS SUL26Z SUL46 SULC26-2 SULC46 SULI2.06/9 SUR2.06/11 SUR2.06/9 SUR2.56/11 SUR2.56/14 SUR2.56/9 SUR26 SUR26-2 SUR26SS SUR26Z SUR46 SURC26-2 SURC46 SURI2.06/9 TC26 THA426 THA426-2 THAC426 THAC426-2 THAI2.06/22 U26 U26-2 U26-3 U26R U3516/20 U36 U46 U46R U610 U610R

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5 of 5 awesome service February 6, 2020
Reviewer: Andrew Mackendrick from Jacksonville , FL United States  
Very quick on shipping .

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5 of 5 Simpson Strong-Tie November 2, 2019
Reviewer: William Beacom from Delaware, OH United States  
Guy Hall is to be commended for alerting me to not only the Simpson Strong-Tie shut down,...but for his expertise o the product and recommendations to change to a non-gusset product that was in stock. I received the shipment in 2 -days, and was able to install and keep the project on time.

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