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ET-XP High-Strength Anchoring Adhesive for Cracked and Uncracked Concrete
SET-XP is a 1:1 two-component, high-solids, epoxy-based anchoring adhesive formulated for optimum performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete. SET-XP adhesive has been rigorously tested in accordance with ICC-ES AC308 and 2009 IBC requirements and has proven to offer increased reliability in the most adverse conditions, including performance in cracked concrete under static and seismic loading. SET-XP adhesive is teal in color in order to be identified as a high-performance adhesive for adverse conditions. Resin and hardener are dispensed and mixed simultaneously through the mixing nozzle. SET-XP adhesive exceeds the ASTM C881 specification for Type I and Type IV, Grade 3, Class C epoxy.

Anchoring Crack Repair
SET-XP® Anchoring AdhesiveETI-LV, -GV and -SLV Injection Epoxies
SET Anchoring AdhesiveCrack-Pac® Injection Epoxy
ET-HP™ (formerly ET) Anchoring AdhesiveCrack-Pac® Flex-H2O™
EDOT™ Epoxy Anchoring AdhesiveCrack Repair Accessories
AT High-Strength Anchoring AdhesivePaste-Over Epoxy
AT-XP® Fast-Curing Anchoring AdhesiveQuestions? Call 623-518-2424 to talk to a Simpson product specialist.

SET-XP Cartride System

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